How Much Becoming A Malaysian Costs

Today was one of the most wasted days in our lives. First of all, this was the second time we went to JPN Setia Tropika in the last 2 weeks, and this is definitely not a place you’d like to visit so often. The previous time we had to go to submit the documents for my visa processing. Everything was supposed to be ready by today and we were thinking our trip will take not more than 15-20 minutes. Not really. We stayed there overall for 3 hours, and having in mind there were about 50 people there, half of which babies and small kids, you can imagine what a joyful experience that was.

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The chronicles of our single status letter

Today, I finally gathered all my courage and went to Putrajaya again. Seriously, driving back and forth from JB-Putrajaya-JB isn’t fun at all. You get sore hands, sore feet, sore back and also sore throat if you complain too much during the journey. Despite driving for more than 10 hours non-stop today, I feel like I really have to write this blog post as this is such an interesting story to tell that I just can’t wait to share it with everyone. And by “interesting”, I mean “totally NOT interesting”!

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20 June 2012

As an update to our previous blog, we just wanted to share how did we spend our anniversary yesterday. We didn’t have any lavish or expensive celebration. It was just a simple celebration to remind us of our special union. Here are some of the pictures we took yesterday.
p/s: I’m not good at photo editing, so please pardon my “really funny” pictures…hahaha ūüėÄ

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The story of how we met :)

Many of my friends and even people whom we met during our travels often asked the same question, “How did you two meet?”¬† They are often curious how can 2 people like us, originating from different countries with absolute no connections, can meet each other. Indeed, it sounds almost impossible. With no common things between us, how did we actually meet each other? Apparently, we just need a common friend. And that’s where the story of us started.

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A complete wasted and disappointing trip to Putrajaya

Note: I am extremely tired now after a complete wasted and disappointing trip to Putrajaya today. However, I still want to write this blog to express my frustration. If I do it tomorrow, my frustration won’t make any sense by then!

If you have read our previous blog, you should understand that we have taken out first step for our marriage registration. We have taken the application form and wanted to proceed to the verification process so that we can submit our application as soon as possible. We were supposed to go to Putrajaya about 2 weeks ago. However, due to my heavy workload of never ending marking of students’ assignment, I just didn’t have the strength to go there. Finally yesterday, I completed all the markings, tabulated all the marks, sent all the assessment reports to Australia and¬†officially¬†ended my teaching semester. Therefore, I decided that I must go to Putrajaya today.¬†

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Our first tiny step :)

Yesterday it struck me that we haven’t been updating this blog for quite some time. Since today we started a “new important project”, I think it’s a good time to update what have we been up to for the past one month and a half.

Time really flies. When I reflect, I realise that I have been back to Malaysia for almost 3 months and honey bee has been here for more than a month. During this period, we have been so busy trying to complete as much things as possible but sometimes it seems like “work” is never ending. The one and only thing I have been trying to “remind” myself is to actually finish my thesis on time. Looks like my dream of going for the convocation this year has to be pushed to the next year. I started work 5 days after I arrived Malaysia. In fact, I reported to my superior in less than 24 hours upon my arrival in Johor Bahru (sounds a bit workaholic huh?). Ever since then, I have been busy with my work (students’ works, to be specific) and I have just completed one of the largest batch of assignments. But this is not the end, I am still left with the final batch of markings which I hope to be completed this week.

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